Hartge Boat InsuranceBOATS/YACHTS – When you’re out on the water, your boat insurance should be the last thing on your mind. At Hartge Insurance, we understand this better than the big insurance companies. That’s because we’re boat insurance experts. You see, we don’t generalize. . . Click for more


Commercial Boating InsuranceCOMMERCIAL VESSELS – Many boaters dream of being able to work on the water, to spend a life in the open air, doing what they love. Any marine business owner will tell you, though, that along with the enjoyment comes a great deal of responsibility. . . Click for more


Hartge Insurance supplys Boatyard, Small Business and Marina Insurance MARINAS/BOATYARDS/SMALL COMMERCIAL BUSINESS – Marina owners and boat dealers face a great deal of exposure to potential losses. From the liability of maintaining a marina to potential property damage to a boat dealer’s inventory. . . Click for more

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